Welcome to Searchlight Ministries

Have you heard the big news?
It is now official!  Searchlight Ministries has merged with
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church!
The address of our new worship location is:
1250 E. Heim Ave.
Orange, CA 92865


is the date we will be joining in worship with St. Paul’s.  Most Searchlight folk have shared that they will be attending the 11am worship service.  But feel free to try out the other services at St. Paul’s.
6pm - Liturgical Service with Organ and Hymns
8am – Liturgical Service with Organ and Hymns
9:30am – Contemporary Service much like Searchlight’s
11:00am - Contemporary Service much like Searchlight’s
6:00pm - Contemporary Service much like Searchlight’s

Give Pastor Manning a call if you have any questions!
His phone number is (714) 342-2718.


Mailing Address
If you want to mail something to Searchlight, send it to:
2710 N. Gaff St.
Orange, CA 92865