"seek, connect, and guide this generation into an active relationship with God"

New Location


We will be meeting at 9:30am this Sunday at Travis Ranch Elementary (5200 Via De La Escuela, Yorba Linda, CA 92887).  

Persistent Prayer


I want you to know that I am fervently in prayer for you!  So many of you have responded with prayer requests.  Please know that you are in my prayers and I will continue to lift you up.  Always know that you are not alone, and that you have a church that loves you and a pastor who cares for you.



This book is so debated in Christianity because there are multiple viewpoints on how to interpret its content.  There is incredible imagery and an abundance of numbers throughout the 22 chapters.  So how are we supposed to understand all of it?  The search for understanding has given rise to 4 major interpretations on how to understand this incredible book.  I will be exploring these viewpoints in depth, which will allow us to grasp the concepts better and to utilize this book to its greatest potential. No matter what viewpoint you or I subscribe to, we can all agree on much of what the book is about.  We will be delving in to those concepts and building consensus about God, the risen Christ, and heaven. 

Bible Study

bible-studyJim Jenkins is hosting a bible study each Tuesday at 7pm in Santa Ana for church members, friends, and family.  If interested in attending, please email Jim Jenkins (aslan73@aol.com) to obtain directions.

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