"Joyfully seeking, knowing, and loving God and others."

Chapters 1 & 2MP3
Chapters 3 & 4MP3
Chapter 5MP3
Chapter 6MP3
Chapter 7MP3
Chapter 8MP3
Chapter 9MP3
Chapter 10MP3
Chapter 11MP3
Chapter 12MP3
Recap (Ch 1 to 12)MP3
Chapter 15MP3
Chapter 16MP3
Chapter 17MP3
Chapter 18MP3
Chapter 19MP3
Chapter 20MP3
Chapter 21MP3
Chapter 22MP3
Chapter 23MP3
Chapter 24MP3
Chapter 25MP3
Chapter 26-27MP3
Chapter 28MP3
Chapter 29MP3
Chapter 30MP3
Chapter 31MP3
Chapter 32unavailable
Chapter 33-34MP3
Chapter 35MP3
Chapter 36MP3

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