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New Testament

Revelation- Background4-12-15Slides- Background
Revelation- Interpretation4-19-15Slides- Interpretation
Revelation- ch 1a4-26-15Slides ch1a
Revelation- ch 1b5-3-15Slides ch1b
Revelation- ch 2 Ephesus5-10-15Slides ch2 Ephesus
Revelation- ch 2 Smyrna5-17-15Slides ch2 Smyrna
Revelation- ch 2 Pergamum5-24-15Slides ch2 Pergamum
Revelation- ch 2 Thyatira5-31-15 
Revelation- ch 3 Sardis6-7-15Slides ch3 Sardis
Revelation- ch 3 Philadelphia6-14-15Slides ch3 Philadelphia
Revelation- ch 3 Laodicea6-21-15Slides ch3 Laodicea
Revelation- ch 4 The Throneroom6-28-15Slides ch4 Throneroom
Revelation- ch 5 The Lamb7-5-15 
Revelation- ch 6 Four Horsemen7-12-15Slides ch6 4Horsemen
Revelation- ch 7 144k & Great Multitude7-19-15Slides ch7 144k
Revelation- ch 8 Seventh Seal7-26-15Slides ch8
Revelation- ch 9 Scorpion Locusts8-2-15Slides ch9
Revelation- ch 10 Angel & the Little Scroll8-9-15Slides ch10
Revelation- ch 11 Two Witnesses8-16-15 
Revelation- ch 12 Woman & the Dragon8-23-15Slides ch12
Revelation- ch 13 Mark of the Beast8-30-15Slides ch13
Revelation- ch 14a 3 Angels / 1 Yr Aniv.9-6-15Slides ch14a
Revelation- ch 17 Babylon9-27-15
Revelation- ch 18 Babylon's Fall10-4-15

The church is born and the message of Christ is spread throughout the land. Some of the greatest miracles take place with God’s spirit empowering His people. Throughout this series, Pastor Manning will highlight some of the “Power Points” that can be applied to you today from


Chapter 1MP3
Chapter 2MP3
Chapter 3-4MP3
Chapter 5MP3
Chapters 6-7MP3
Chapter 8MP3
Chapter 9MP3
Chapter 10-11MP3
Chapter 12-13MP3
Chapter 14-15MP3
Chapter 16MP3
Chapter 17-18MP3
Chapter 19-20MP3
Chapter 21-22MP3
Chapter 23-24MP3
Chapter 25-26MP3
Chapter 1MP3
Chapter 2MP3
Chapter 3MP3
Chapter 4MP3
Chapter 5MP3
Chapter 6MP3
Chapter 1MP3
Chapters 2-3MP3
Chapter 4MP3
Chapter 5MP3
Chapter 6MP3
Chapter 7MP3
Chapter 8MP3
Chapter 9MP3
Chapter 10MP3
Chapter 11MP3
Chapter 12aMP3
Chapter 12bMP3
Chapter 13MP3
Chapter 14MP3
Chapter 15aMP3
Chapter 15bMP3
Chapter 16MP3
Chapter 1aMP3
Chapter 1bMP3
Chapter 1c-2aMP3
Chapter 2bMP3
Chapter 3aMP3
Chapter 4MP3



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